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The Behavior of DOGS! video by Tawzer Dog, includes behavior modification, learning theory, positive reinforcement, clicker training. 

The Behavior of DOGS!

A dynamic 2-day seminar in which participants experience interactive classroom instruction on normal canine behavior, behavioral development, prevention of behavior problems, and behavior modification tools and techniques. This seminar fosters a collaborative relationship between various animal behavior disciplines (trainers, animal behavior specialists, and veterinary professionals) regarding dog behavior issues. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance and role of the Human Animal Bond.
  • Recognize both normal and abnormal social, communicative, and developmental behavior.
  • Understand the dog’s perspective and how it impacts behavior.
  • Be familiar with learning theory terminology and concepts and their practical application.
  • Understand the value of marker-based (clicker) training in behavior modification.
  • Be familiar with the importance and application of prevention services vs. intervention.
  • Identify the ABC’s of behaviors and use positive methods to manage, prevent, and address behavioral concerns.
  • Understand the TEAM paradigm; veterinary professionals, qualified animal trainers, and pet owners working together. 
  • Distinguish between normal undesirable behavior and behavior disorders.
  • To be familiar with appropriate application of behavior modification and training tools. 

Presentation by: Kenneth M. Martin, DVM, DACVB and Debbie Martin, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, LVT, VTS (Behavior)

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Clicker Expo 2016 video on demand with Ken and Debbie Martin.

The Future is Now! Creating Powerful Animal Behavior Healthcare Teams (Clicker Expo 2016)

The ideal veterinary model is evolving into one focused on client and patient care. At the same time, veterinary medicine is starting to recognize the importance of animal behavior and welfare. Now is the time for trainers to develop relationships with their local veterinarians, to assist them with clients’ training and behavioral needs as well as staff education. Working together as a behavior team, trainers and vets can have a significant positive effect on pet-retention rates and pet welfare.

This video presentation explores practical tips on how to approach veterinary hospitals. This sometimes means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Debbie also addresses how to triage behavioral concerns, to help you better identify when a veterinarian should be involved in a case. Case examples are also provided.

Matchmaker! Pet-selection Counseling Services (Clicker Expo 2016)

Pet-selection counseling is one of the most valuable, yet under-utilized, services available to potential pet owners. Also referred to as pre-adoption or pre-purchase counseling, this service provides guidance prior to the acquisition of a pet. Pet-selection counseling can decrease the possibility of mismatches by ensuring that owners have the information necessary to make educated decisions before acquiring a new pet. Private and group pet-selection counseling services will be discussed. You will learn how to obtain vital information from your clients and provide appropriate guidance to them. Pet-selection counseling results in better-educated owners and the establishment of a positive, ongoing relationship between you and the new pet owner. Learn how to start offering this service today!

Perfect Exposure: Getting Socialization Right (Clicker Expo 2016)

Socialization is not just about exposure to novel stimuli. It is about providing positive experiences. Over the years, the importance of animals’ early experiences has been recognized by professionals. This is a huge first step.

It is perhaps even more vital, though, to recognize that socialization needs to be a pleasant experience for the dog. It’s also important to be able to coach others on how to achieve this positive state. Negative experiences can have a profound detrimental effect on the psychological well-being of the dog.

In this video presentation, you will learn how to interpret canine body language, how to make exposure fun and rewarding for puppies (as well as adult dogs), and how to avoid some common pitfalls of socialization.