Veterinary Professionals

Puppy Start Right Online Course for veterinarians and vet techs

Puppy Start Right for Instructors Course

The Puppy Start Right Preschool online course provides your hospital with all the skills, curriculum, and handouts needed to teach high quality puppy preschool classes. Offering puppy preschool is a profit center for progressive veterinary practices. It enhances the bond with your clients and their puppies, makes puppies more tractable to handling and restraint, and increases veterinary visits. Many behavior problems can be prevented through early proper socialization experiences. Offered through Karen Pryor Academy with 18 hours of RACE CE credit. Enroll today!

Cat not peeing in litterbox- cat behavior training for veterinarians.

Feline Inappropriate Elimination

This one hour lecture is offered for veterinary practices. Inappropriate elimination is perhaps the most common behavioral presentation of cats. It may be caused by a multitude of reasons, from litterbox issues to social stress in multi-cat households. Unfortunately, it is also a common reason for relinquishment of our feline patients. Fortunately, eighty to ninety percent of cases respond favorably to behavioral therapy. Learn the ins and outs of proper diagnosis and successful treatment. Continuing education may be available with advanced scheduling.


Veterinary behavior and training in vet offices and vet hospitals.

Integrate Veterinary Behavior Services into General Practice

This one day seminar focuses on intervention strategies and preventative behavior services. The goal is happier and healthier pets. Behavior problems are the number one cause of relinquishment and/or euthanasia of pets, more common than losses due to infectious diseases. It is estimated that up to 15% of pets are relinquished annually. By integrating behavior services into practice, pet retention, welfare, and overall client satisfaction can be improved. Practical tips and simple solutions are offered in order to incorporate behavior into everyday medicine without extensive time commitments.  

Phone consultation with vet behaviorist for dog behavior, dog aggression, separation anxiety, fear, dominance.

Behavior and Training Consult with a Veterinary Behaviorist 

Dr Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB sees cases in Austin, Round Rock, and San Antonio, TX. Telephone consults provided directly with veterinarians.  

Fear Free Consult for veterinarians, vet hospitals, clinics, staff, vet techs, nurses.

Fear Free Consulting

We will spend 2-3 days with your hospital to provide you with a combination of observation and evaluation, discussions with hospital management, group training, and one on one training with veterinary staff.