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Dog training and behavior seminars for dog owners, including dog aggression, dominance, alpha, potty training, dog biting.

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Whether you are a pet owner, animal trainer, shelter volunteer, or veterinary professional, we all have the love of animals in common and we share our lives with our pets. Our webinars and seminars are designed to give attendees an in-depth view about animal behavior. Regardless of your existing level of knowledge about animal behavior, our presentations are designed to encompass all levels of learning. Subscribe Now to stay informed regarding upcoming learning opportunities. We hope to see you at a seminar soon.

Long-distance phone consult with best veterinary behaviorist for dog aggression, separation anxiety, fear, dog bites, cat aggression, cat peeing, dominant dog, alpha dog, dominant cat.

Consult with a Veterinary Behaviorist 

Dr Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB sees cases in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and San Antonio, TX area. Telephone consults are a possible option for pet owners outside of Dr. Martin's travel area. A veterinary referral is required.