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Best dog trainer seminars and webinars for dog aggression, dog training, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, fear free, vet handling. 

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Great trainers are always seeking ways to better support and serve both their human and animal clients, and TEAM seminars and webinars are designed to enrich your knowledge and skills so that you can achieve those goals. If you are interested in attending a seminar or webinar, please visit our Seminar Schedule.

Are you interested in hosting a seminar? If you have a suitable facility and a desire to continue learning, schedule a TEAM seminar in your facility today! With an option of 1 or 2 speakers at the same speaker compensation rate, it is a great opportunity to host a multi-speaker seminar at an affordable rate. Check out our Seminar Topics or contact us with your topic requests.

Also check out our recorded Webinars to learn more from the comfort of your own home.

Puppy Start Right Preschool online course for dog trainers.

Teach Puppy Start Right Preschool™

The Puppy Start Right Preschool™ online course provides your with all the skills, curriculum, and handouts needed to teach high quality puppy preschool classes. Puppy classes are much more than puppy play sessions. Learn the skills to offer a progressive puppy socialization class that will keep your clients coming back for more and veterinary hospitals referring their clients to you!  It is a smart investment and you will earn 21 hours of CEU for KPA, CCPDT, and IAABC. Offered through Karen Pryor Academy. Enroll today!

Veterinary Behaviorist, vet behaviorist working collaboratively with dog trainer

Consult with a Veterinary Behaviorist

Dr Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB sees cases in Austin, Round Rock, and San Antonio, TX. Telephone consults are a possible option for pet owners outside of Dr. Martin's travel area. Trainers are welcome to attend behavior consultations with the client's approval. A referral from the patient's regular veterinarian is required. 

Collaborating with Veterinarians

NOW is the time to team up with veterinarians!

For most of you approaching a veterinary facility about developing a mutually beneficial relationship will involve stepping outside your comfort zone! With some preparation and setting of realistic goals, this may be the most rewarding move you can take both professionally and personally. Below are some resources to assist you in the process.

Veterinarian Letter

Dr. Ken Martin, DACVB has provided a letter outlining the importance of veterinarians teaming up with professional reward-based trainers. We suggest first meeting with the office manager or veterinarian briefly and providing them with this letter and the other resources listed here to review. 

How To Choose A Trainer

Recommendations from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on how to choose a trainer.

Trainer Assessment Form

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