Seminar Topics

International Fear Free seminars in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia.

Fear Free

Fear Free is the next big transformation in veterinary medicine! Over the past two decades we have seen major transformations in veterinary medicine in regards to pain management, dentistry, nutrition, and specialty care. Fear Free is about the emotional well-being of our patients and it is all encompassing. Join us for an informative and inspirational seminar with board certified veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Kenneth Martin and veterinary technician specialist in behavior, Debbie Martin, and learn how to make veterinary visits less stressful and more pleasurable for all parties: pets, caregivers and veterinary staff. For more information about Fear Free, click here. Debbie and Dr. Martin as subject matter experts for Fear Free Pets.

International dog behavior seminars in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia.

The Behavior of DOGS!

A dynamic 2-day seminar! Participants will experience interactive classroom instruction on normal canine behavior, behavioral development, prevention of behavior problems, and behavior modification tools and techniques. This seminar fosters a collaborative relationship between various animal behavior disciplines (trainers, animal behavior specialists, and veterinary professionals) regarding dog behavior issues. Hands-on exercises are incorporated into the learning process and instructors provide live demonstrations, too. Understand canine development, behavior, and a TEAM approach for assisting pet owners!

International leash reactivity seminars in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia.

STARR: Reducing Reactivity

Systematic TEAM Approach to Reducing Reactivity. Aggression and reactivity directed towards unfamiliar dogs and people is a common cause for relinquishment and ultimately euthanasia.  This day will focus on leash reactivity in dogs including probable developmental causes, contextual variability, motivations and possible treatment recommendations.

International Puppy Start Right Preschool classes seminars in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia.

Puppy Start Right Preschool

This one or two day seminar will cover the ins and outs of teaching an appropriate puppy class. The importance of early exposure and socialization with puppies has become accepted over the past several decades. However, just because puppies readily habituate to novel experiences doesn’t justify the use of habituation alone. Exposure must be positive and enjoyable for the puppy in order to produce the desired positive effect. Providing group puppy classes allow us to teach owners how to provide positive proactive socialization in a controlled environment. This seminar will discuss how to properly run a puppy socialization class and in doing so allow all puppies to reach their full potential! Earn extra money and have fun doing it. Learn about the Puppy Start Right Preschool format! 

Best International foundation positive reinforcement clicker training dog training seminars in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia.

Foundation Skills- Efficient Training

This full-day seminar provides participants with the knowledge and practice needed for developing fluent foundation training skills. We start with an overview of the science behind training, and then through hands-on exercises, help participants develop fluency in each aspect of positive marker-based training (clicker training). Upon completion of the seminar, participants will have a solid understanding of and experience with foundation training skills including efficient timing, treat delivery, behavior observation, capturing, shaping, adding a cue to a behavior, and teaching stimulus control. This seminar is focused mainly on training dogs, but the skills learned can be applied to all species of animals. The training exercises will incorporate both human and canine participants (when possible).

Learn the foundation skills for efficient positive reinforcement training and how to teach stimulus control!