PSRI Listing Form

You are being provided access to this form because you are a graduate of the Puppy Start Right for Instructors Course. Only people utilizing the curriculum set forth in the Puppy Start Right Preschool curriculum should submit this form. It should somewhere be stated in your advertising that you are utilizing the PSR Preschool curriculum. Submission of this form indicates your approval to have your information provided on a website ( allowing people to search for a Puppy Start Right Preschool instructor.  Thank you. Ken and Debbie Martin

Name *
Please be sure to use the name registered for the Puppy Start Right Instructors course as records will be verified. If you have had a name change, please indicate the name used when taking the course and your new name.
I am currently teaching group Puppy Start Right Preschool group classes utilizing the curriculum provided in the course. *
Please indicate if you are offering Puppy Start Right classes utilizing the orientation and 4 puppy socialization classes. Including using the PSR Preschool branded materials. Mark other if you are deviating from the curriculum and provide more detail below.
Alterations to the PSR Preschool curriculum?
I provide my clients with a copy of the Puppy Start Right book as part of the course. *
If you provide a different alternative to including the PSR book as part of the course, please explain below.
I utilize the PSR client videos as part of the PSR Preschool course with my clients. *
If you are offering a different alternative, please describe below.
If you have a PSR Preschool website link you would like to provide and have listed, please include here.
Please list my website/PSR link for clients to find out more about my PSR Preschool classes.
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Phone number (optional)
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If you would like your specific address to be available to potential clients, please check here. Otherwise, just your city and state/providence will be provided.
Please indicate if your PayPal email is different than the one listed above. In order to be listed on the website an annual fee of $4.99 will be charged.
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